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Vraag Moving and Cannot get it done online

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  • Tengwen Auteur
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    31 oktober 2017, 13:11

    Hi There,

    I am moving to my new place on 10th of November. I was trying to enter those information using Mijn Nuon but it gave the error that this cannot be done online, and I have to call or chat with one of your staff. But I am working on weekdays and it's not possible hold the line for long. I was also trying to use the chat function but it's always not available. I think that has something to do with the central heating of my old place that my new place will use gas instead.
    Could you advise if there's any other way to sort it out? Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,
  • EugeneEugene
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    2 november 2017, 16:30

    Hi Tengwen, welcome on our community. I see that you have already spoken with my colleague. I hope everything is in order now.

    Kind regards,

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